Let’s capture the best YOU with a professional headshot!



Professional Headshots Help With...

  • Building self-confidence.
  • Creating an amazing first impression.
  • Keeping your professional image fresh.
  • Stepping up the corporate ladder.
  • Landing the acting job you always wanted.
  • Getting you noticed on that dating site!

Who Needs a Headshot?

If you look around today in any environment, you can see someone that can benefit from a good headshot. People are more concerned about their personal image today than they ever were before.  No matter how hard we try to not form an opinion about someone by a first impression it always happens, we are human. We are driven by looks, smiles, and confidence. It doesn’t matter if you are going for your first big interview, acting audition, or are a veteran CEO. EVERYONE needs a professional headshot, Including YOU!

Which headshot is best for you?

Corporate headshot

Your company is only as strong as your people. Your perceived value is only as strong as the image you project. Unified headshots of your employees show both a cohesiveness and commitment to your business. It speaks to your professionalism. Show everyone you mean business!

Acting headshot

What role are you seeking? The sweet girl next door? A vixen? Do you want to be the confident leading man? Maybe the class clown? Your headshot has to communicate clearly what you’re capable of as an actor. We will collaborate to get the “money shot” to help you land that role you want.

Onsite headshot

Sometimes you or your organization needs to have a special feel or look that only.


"Your headshot session ends when you are happy with your shot."

My 4 step process to your headshot success!

Book your session online

Choose the best date and time for you session. With my simple system you will not only be able to find a date but also pay easily online.

arrive for your shoot

When the time arrives and you're in front of the camera, I will provide coaching to help us get to the best YOU! Laughing is mandatory for your session.

choose the best images

We will go through your images from the session and choose the best ones that portray the real you that everyone needs to see.

go forth and succeed

Once we finish the session, step out into the world with a new outlook! Show everyone through your headshot how confident you really are!

Questions you may have...

What should I wear for my headshot?


Come in prepared to dress for the role you are trying to portray. If you are going for a corporate look or business then I recommend anything from business casual to full suit and tie.If we are going for acting/model/dating then we need to have you in clean, solid colours that really make you pop.BUT not too much pop. We aren’t looking to bring back the 80s.All clothing should fit comfortably BUT also be form fitting. I can adjust your clothes for your shot but we do not want baggy or anything that makes you look like you just crawled out of bed.It is much easier to bring more then needed to your session then not have it here, there is a clothes rack and staging area to keep your items.

Should I wear makeup or jewelry?


Going back to the same idea for the clothing for your headshot, we are here to represent the best YOU. BUT there are exceptions to this.If you have hired my makeup/hair artist please come with a clean/washed face that is ready for magic. Please wear your hair how you would normally.If you are not using my hair or makeup artist, please come with clean makeup. As time goes on, people change their style, so we do not want you coming in with cat eyes or big rosy cheeks.I do have a vanity area with a mirror if you need to fix or change your makeup you are more than welcome to.For jewelry, I ask that you keep it to a bare minimum. This includes studs, pearls. We want to think simple and clean. No big hoops or dangly earrings to distract from your amazing face!

Should I come clean shaven?


Depending on the look you are going for or the number of shots we are taking, bring a razer and we can make sure you are taken care of.

How long will it take to receive my final images?


Depending on how many images your job entails, retouching can take up to 7-10 days. The final images will be delivered through your online gallery. Be sure to download your files and save them in a safe place.If you are needing your images rushed, 24hr. Rush Delivery – $50/image

Do you offer on-location headshots?


YES! I love doing on-location headshots.What happens is we basically discuss the terms of what you will need for your team and then schedule a day where we can get everyone through for their headshot or if they will need to come into the studio if they will be out on our day at your location.I offer my same quality shots as I have in my studio or also environmental headshots.Your time is very valuable and I try my hardest to accommodate your company and team.

Do you offer discounts?


With being an Army veteran myself, I feel very strongly about our military and our first responders. I offer a 10% discount to all branches of the military, current and veterans. I also offer this same discount to police officers, EMT and fire fighters. Thank you ALL for your service.

Still have questions? Please call or text.
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